Friday, 19 July 2013

Shot guns....what, like guns that fire shots?

Firstly - an apology.  Two things have happened in the last month, the first being that my gmail got hacked so I couldn't get on to here (Neil & Justin - will be emailing you shortly, sorry I've not been in contact).  Secondly, I did the Thetford Enduro which promptly put me in hospital with a disc problem.  A proper 'can't move, can't walk, can't lay down' type disc problem.  Obviously I handled it like the hard nut I am and whinged, took lots of pills and spent my time in Guildford Hospital.  Which incidentally is the worst hospital I've ever been in - God help us if that's what the NHS has become.

Anyway, socialist rants aside its not been a great month.  Well, its not been terrible but not great on the cycling front.  Firstly, the caused of all this pain, abject agony and phenomenal whinging.  Thetford Enduro took place about a decade ago and I entered for the 6 hour solo.  Strangely I didn't feel much back pain at all on the day and  had quite a good ride.  The course really was pretty good and it was lovely and warm - it couldn't have been better really.  I managed an amazing 6 laps (to the winners 9) and felt well pleased with myself.  I even managed to get out on Sunday and did 40 miles on the road bike, not mega but better than I was expecting.

Monday came and went and I decided to go out for a fairly quick road ride with some work mates.  I felt good, really good and my endurance felt much better - from just one 6 hour event! Got back to the car, put bike on car and drove home.  Then my back went and I spent the night on the floor before conceding defeat and calling for an ambulance.

All in all this has put me out for about 3 weeks, I've still not got feeling back in my right leg and I've had lots of physio trips.  On the plus side, I'm back on the bike and had a week off where I managed some decent length rides.  All on the road though and I'm still wary of getting back on the MTB at the moment.

It leaves me in a bit of predicament.  Do I continue to ride MTB or just focus on road riding?  Seems a bit drastic but I've had numerous episodes like this over the last 5 years and despite a lot of money, time and physio work it still hasn't fixed me.  I only really get it from riding the MTB so maybe its time to hang up the knobblies.  Or not.  It does feel like quitting when I've only just started - the whole thing makes me feel like a complete loser.  So maybe time to man up and get on with it.

What I will do is post a bit more (now I can actually access my account again!).  This weekend, muchos riding on the road.  Big'ish ride tomorrow followed by another on Sunday.  And probably the Royal Surrey on Monday!

Have a good weekend!